SSD Plextor M6S 128GB

3,250.00 ฿

The Plextor M6S is an extremely efficient SSD, capable of reaching 94,000 / 80,000 IOPS* on random read and write, as well as 520 / 440 MB/s* speeds on sequential read and write. Compared to the previous generation the write speed of the M6S 128 GB model has increased by an incredible 50%. The M6S’ performance blows any traditional hard drive out of the water and translates into greater improvements in boot times, application execution, gaming experiences, and overall system responsiveness.


The M6S SSD incorporates the latest Marvell dual-core controller 88SS9188, bringing with it the dual benefit of boosted performance as well as lowered power consumption. The M6S can help you greatly reduce the boot-up and shut-down times, launch applications on the fly, and feel at ease opening and saving large files.

Under the same operating environment, the power consumption of M6S has decreased by 30% to 50% compared to the previous generation’s M5S. When compared to traditional 7200RPM hard disk drives, it gives your notebook up to 30 minutes of extra battery life, giving increased flexibility and peace of mind when on the go.

The M6S’s control chips and flash memory are made of semiconductor components, unlike the rotary platters, arms and read-write heads of traditional hard disk drives.  This makes the M6S shockproof, shatterproof, and lightweight, making ideal storage media for office professionals on the move!


Sequential read speed for M6S is 5.3 times faster than HDD
Sequential write speed for M6S is 4.6 times faster than HDD

Random read speed for M6S is 300 times faster than HDD
Random write speed for M6S is 310 times faster than HDD


The Plextor 256GB M6S SSD takes only 12 seconds to start up Windows 7, while a 7200RPM 320GB traditional hard disk drive takes at least 50 seconds, four times as long.

The speed of copying a single large file for M6S is 4.7 times faster than HDD, while copying multiple files is even faster, by as much as 6 times!

The M6S meets the latest SATA power saving mode specification, and supports the latest DEVSLP power mode, allowing M6S to stay powered on and connected for 24 hours. In DEVSLP power mode, the M6S’s power consumption is a mere 2mW, and resume time only 100 milliseconds. Under sleep mode, power consumption is even lower, thus extending battery life.

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