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HAVI-B3 PROII Bass Edition ( New Packaging )Professional High Fidelity Quality Dual-Driver Inner-ear Earphone


HAVI-B3 ProII is a flagship product of high-quality music tastethe tone is thick and full, smooth. Rich in detail, giving a strong sense of the music satisfaction, a sense of security! Three frequency distributions balanced strong bass, MF generous, sweet treble, overall sound broad, strong musical layering. Dual unit high and low, easy to manage various types of music, giving the relaxed comfortable listening experience! Like faithful lover, warm, soft, soothing your ears and soul.

HAVI patent Blance Dual dual-driver parallel output structures,

  • B3 using HAVI patent Blance Dual dual-driver parallel output structures, ensuring perfect sound and portable.has better bass, and more accurate vocals playback 。Dual unit easily manage all types of music, to bringyou an unprecedented listening experience!

Four parallel output techology

  • First use of four parallel output signal lines, left and right channel with separates ground lines, greatly reducing the annoying interference between the lines,which has more pure sound

30 group of oxygen-free copper signal lines

  • Using rare 30 group of oxygen-free copper signal lines, greatly reducing the wear and tear of music on the signal line ,has a more powerful bass sound and a more solid bottom。also allows whether mobile phones and ordinary mp3 can easily promote dual-driver professional headphones.

Tempered glass craft

  • HAVI first introduced the tempered glass craft into headset products, and uses the same with the SamsungGALAXY SIII cambered tempered glass polishing process, so B3 has a more perfect and professional look.

Wearing comfortale.

  • Parts around the ear use soften wire technology. without the use of special ear hook can easily be wornaround the ear, greatly enhance the wearing comfortable.

Environmental friendly package

  • HAVI-B3 packages simple, elegant, upscale, most importantly, environmental friendly. After removing the product ,crystal box can be used as storage box, put the battery, put small objects, which are easy to see what you put


  • Frequency response:10-20KHz
  • THD:<0.1%(Ikhz/100db SPL)
  • Impedance:32ohms
  • Sensitivity:115dB/mW


  • HAVI-B3 ProII In-ear Earphones
  • 3 types of silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • A pair of Earhook
  • Free 3 pairs of Black Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)
  • Free carrying bag
  • Free carrying case
  • Free high quality handkerchief
  • Free One pair of foam cushions
  • Free 3 pairs of White Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)

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